Friday, October 21, 2011

3 Success Factors from Julie & Julia

The movie Julie & Julia features two true stories to inspire success in your business, workplace or career transition. See how these courageous women faced their adversities and achieved their dreams and goals.

1) Passion: Blogger, Julie Powell (Amy Adams) and renowned chef, Julia Child were both able to identify their passions for food. It was this passion that fueled their long journeys to satisfying careers, public recognition and monetary success. Let their stories help you identify your own passions as a resource for keeping you energized and enthusiastic on your professional path.

2) Persistence and perseverance: For Powell, she wrote a food blog for 365 days and persisted despite failures she had with recipes she had followed. Child persevered as well with her dream of learning to cook despite unsupportive people in Paris. She went on to overcome further challenges of writing and publishing her first book. Be inspired to know that others, like these women, have pushed forward towards their career goals by maintaining a positive, persistent mindset.

3) Relationships: Both Powell and Child had the loving support of their husbands. Throughout all the pain and adversities they experienced they received constant encouragement to achieve their dreams and goals. Let this be an example for you to cultivate supportive relationships in your career and life. Success is never a solo effort and tastes so much sweeter when shared with others.

Look at these 3 movie lessons as a mirror for overcoming challenges in your career, business or workplace. The actions and positive results of the movie hero are there to remind you of KEY SUCCESS FACTORS for facing obstacles, honing your leadership skills AND move forward with confidence.

Remember, movies can help you:
• Increase your positive emotional energy
• Visualize the future you want
• Recognize your hidden strengths and skills
• Discover immediate solutions to current challenges

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