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3 Resilience Factors from The Count of Monte Cristo

The movie The Count of Monte Cristo can show you many solutions for overcoming issues within your business, workplace or career transitions. Look closely at the RESILIENCE factors learned by the movie hero during difficult times.

1) Optimistic Mindset, Perseverance: The main hero, Dantès (James Caviezel) persevered for over a decade imprisoned because he recognized this as an opportunity for self-improvement. He developed on optimistic mindset through the mentoring of a fellow prisoner (Richard Harris) who survived even longer than Dantès. Be inspired by these 2 characters that demonstrate a strong will to keep moving forward no matter how hopeless circumstances appeared.

2) Marketing Personal Strengths: When Dantès re-emerges with a new identity of the Count of Monte Cristo he does so with a vibrant and memorable style. From the design of the invitations to the flamboyant party/event he holds, Dantès immediately branded himself as a special, charismatic persona. This is all accomplished because he had a goal and a strategy planned out in advance. Recognize how you can apply these lessons in your own business or career.

3) Relationship Building: With his goals firmly in place, Dantès (as the Count) quickly connects with key people in society to help his vision manifest. And from the start of the film you see how he always nurtured his relationships through his kind spirit. You see how these individuals quickly came to his aid whenever he needed help. Let this inspire you to cultivate meaningful relationships in your business and life.

Look at these 3 movie lessons as a mirror for overcoming challenges in your career, business or workplace. The actions and positive results of the movie hero are there to remind you of KEY RESILIENCE FACTORS for facing obstacles, honing your personal leadership skills AND move forward with confidence.

Remember, movies can help you:
• Increase your positive emotional energy
• Visualize the future you want
• Recognize your hidden strengths and skills
• Discover immediate solutions to current challenges

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