Sunday, August 21, 2011

3 Success Factors from Cinderella Man

The movie Cinderella Man is based on the true story of boxer Jim Braddock who overcomes many adversities during the great depression. Look at the success factors he emulates to inspire your own achievements in your workplace, business or career transitions.

1) Passion as energy: The movie hero, Jim Braddock (Russell Crowe) finds inspiration to deal with the great depression through the love of his wife and 3 children. It is his passion for them that fuels his positive emotional energy to do what it takes to survive and stay together. Identify your own passions and recognize them as a powerful resource to keep your positive thoughts and feelings energized.

2) Optimistic mindset: Braddock injures his right hand while boxing and must take on another profession unloading cargo at the docks using only his left arm. Over time he strengthens that left hand. It later becomes a secret weapon when he is asked to box again allowing him to win the match. Be inspired by this story to keep an open mind to the hidden opportunities within the negative situations you encounter.

3) Positive role model: Braddock’s morals in life and perseverance in the boxing ring inspires his neighbourhood as well as an entire nation. When he could afford to, he paid back the welfare money he collected during difficult times. And when he fought a seemingly unbeatable opponent he represented a symbol of hope for everyone struggling in the economic downturn. Do your best to be a positive role model in all your actions. Your positive actions can inspire others to do better AND be better individuals.

Look at these 3 movie lessons as a mirror for overcoming challenges in your career, business or workplace. The actions and positive results of the movie hero are there to remind you of key success factors for facing obstacles, honing your leadership skills AND move forward with confidence.

Remember, movies can help you:
• Increase your positive emotional energy
• Visualize the future you want
• Recognize your hidden strengths and skills
• Discover immediate solutions to current challenges

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