Sunday, September 27, 2009

3 Success Factors from Contact

The movie Contact has key lessons for dealing with adversities when you have a task or goal to accomplish. See how the movie hero overcomes her challenges that can mirror how you improve the quality of your leadership skills in your career or business.

1) Perseverance, persistence, resilience: Dr. Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) persevered in her belief that we are not alone in the universe. She had a tough, resilient mindset that allowed her to stand her ground with those blocking her path. Be inspired by how her persistence paid off with the support (both monetarily and key individuals) she attracted along her journey.

2) Believing: Belief and faith are central to the movie hero's lessons as she discovers the difference of believing in something with scientific proof and having faith when there is none. See this as a valuable leadership skill for trusting your gut or your heart when making difficult choices.

3) Passion/Energy: Passion in her beliefs and mission is what fueled the movie hero's perseverance and resilience. Passion is a strong feeling that sustained Arroway during the years it took to achieve her goals. Be inspired to keep you own passion alive in your own dreams and goals. It will sustain your drive during difficult times.

Look at these 3 movie lessons as a mirror for overcoming challenges in your career, business or workplace. The actions and positive results of the movie hero are there to remind you of key steps for facing obstacles, honing your leadership skills AND move forward with confidence.

Remember, movies can help you:
• Increase your positive emotional energy
• Visualize the future you want
• Recognize your hidden strengths and skills
• Discover immediate solutions to current challenges

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